Friday, December 09, 2005

EEEEEE! Eats Everything!

They said it couldn’t be done! Lots of them said it shouldn’t be done! Many more predicted that it wouldn't be done! And they all had a point! But they were all wrong! As sure as I’m using a bunch of exclamation points!

Go to, if you dare, for the Season Postmortem—back after an eon-long hiatus:

  • EEEEEE! Rolls the Dice

    Mostly for you long-standing gamers, but potentially fun for others.

  • The Futility Series

    I couldn’t have done either of these first two pieces without the
    other. And maybe that's one of those “shouldn’t have” things, too.

  • Barry Bonds is a Man—Yes, a Biiiiiig Man

    Perhaps not as big as this article, a huge wodge of stuff about the
    man and his (or not) ’roids.

  • * Catcher ERA: Does it Tell You Anything?

    Sort of a distillation—but not a short enough one, of course --
    of the discussion on the Giants newsgroup last year about CERA.

Hope you have fun with it.



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