Thursday, August 18, 2005

We’re Back, Sort Of

Hi there. I'm new to blogging, at least in a technical sense. I've been told that EEEEEE! more or less is a blog, or was one before we'd ever heard of blogs. So I like to think of myself as a pioneer, at least in the sense of having to endure long, boring rides in an uncomfortable vehicle, only to find that when I get where I'm going, there's nothing interesting to see.

Why a blog? Why not just do what I'd been doing? Actually I'll be doing both. Standalone articles will show up back at the home office, with links here; general comments and observations will appear here. This blog, in effect, will take the place of the season notes I used to make available, often on a weekly basis.

Not that you want to hear my sob-story, but those notes, while always fun and challenging, pretty much wore me out. As I've mentioned in various pieces over the years, often I spent my Saturday nights staring glassily at my monitor till the moderately wee hours (meaning 3 or 4 a.m.), and by the time I'd get back to work on Monday I was a wreck. Also, and perhaps more importantly, I reached a point where I didn't feel like EEEEEE! was something I was doing for myself anymore. I felt as though I had to meet a "demand." Now, don't misunderstand: I was an still am grateful for the readership and support I've gotten over the years, and indeed I've made some terrific, deeply valued friends as a result. But in short, I worked too hard, too long, too much on something for which I was not paid.

The site ended up just sitting there while readers wondered if it would ever be updated. That gave me pangs of guilt, especially in regard to writers who submitted stuff that I never posted (and for that I apologize). I just couldn't bring myself to work on EEEEEE! because I was simply too tired and otherwise too harried. And I still am, and no less than before. However, I also still want to provide this forum for not only me but the other annoyed Giants fans (which, at last count, included every Giants fan). And some day I still want to print up the hotly rumored but otherwise nonexistent EEEEEE! T-shirts.

So if you have something to say, welcome. (Granted, I reserve the right to dump it if I want, so there.) It doesn't have to be about the Giants, if only because not everything is. And my thanks, once again, go out to those who've spent so much time reading my stuff, as well as that of Richard Booroojian, Todd Hawley, David Beck, and the many other contributors. Let's have fun with this.

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